Tips For Tenants When Vacating The Rental House

Moving to your new home can be exciting. However, things like unexpected delays, deductions would pop up and certainly can be avoided if you do the right things before leaving. Bond cleaning is something that you should consider and it will take away the burden before you vacate the house. It’ll also help you get the full security deposit without any deductions. Most people find it difficult and run into many issues due to improper planning. To avoid the common issues that arise when you vacate and ensure a smooth transition, take a look at our list of tips and move-out peacefully. Hire a professional bond cleaning sunshine coast company for all your bond cleaning needs!

Give Prior Notice

Inform the landlord about your move-out much in advance. A one-month or three-month notice would be sufficient for them to look for other tenants and also help you prepare for the move-out peacefully. Apart from informing your landlord, inform the gas supply, electricity, and disconnect all the home services. Also, pay all the utility bills and ensure you don’t have any pending left.

Change Address

Generally, people will overlook this and it is quite a tedious job to do. This will save you from unwanted stress and will help you match the routine as fast as possible in the new location that you’re about to move.

Declutter & Pack

Sorting out the items will help you throw unwanted items, and pack household items and furniture for shifting.

Hire Bond Cleaners

After you’re done sorting and packing the items, it’s time to get in to the real mess and fix them. Hire experienced bond cleaning services sunshine coast company to clean everything and make the place spotless. Before you call the landlord for final inspection, ensure everything is clean and speck less.

Fix Everything

It is essential to fix any issues with the house and make pending payments. Addressing the issues early will assure a smooth transition.

Take Photos

To ensure that your bond is fully refunded, take photos after you thoroughly clean them. Attach these photos along with the condition report while you hand the keys to the landlord. Hand everything and the extras that were given and have a receipt in written, documenting the delivery.

Bottom Line

To ensure a safe and smooth transition into your new home, ensure to hire bond cleaners sunshine coast from Sunshine Eco Cleaning Services. For bookings, call 1300 356 397.

Make Your Bond Cleaning Stress-Free With These Tips

Are you moving out? Well, moving out can be hectic. Especially, when you haven’t done the end of the cleaning as per the standards, you start worrying whether you would get back your bond or not. Moreover, yes, nobody wants to spend endless hours cleaning everything. To support you with the cleaning, many bond cleaning sunshine coast companies are offering safe & reliable bond cleaning services to make it easier & simpler. So, if you are planning to make your move-out cleaning sunshine coast trouble-free, here are some of the points to consider.

Move-In Inspection

A thorough inspection is recommended once you move into the property. You must take a look at the condition of your new house’s windows, ceilings, carpets, kitchen, walls, exteriors, and must take pictures of any area that is damaged or unclean. You can even attach the pictures in the property condition report to avoid future consequences. While you’re moving out, you can use these pictures to prove what was an already existing issue and to which you’re not responsible.

Prepare A Checklist

It is always good to prepare a checklist of areas that need to be cleaned. This checklist helps you to analyse the highly stained areas and the missing spots that often get overlooked. It is necessary to give back the property in pristine condition to get your bond back. Also, by following a checklist, you can get all the areas thoroughly cleaned and it will give you a relief that you have met the cleaning standards.

Clean Everything

Whether it’s interior or exterior, make sure you clean everything including the additional extras like carpets, curtains, ovens, and make sure the walls, ceilings, light fixtures and bulbs are thoroughly cleaned and dusted. Also, run a thorough check on the condition of the entire house cleaning.

Hire Pros

No wonder that professionals do the job more efficiently. So, you can hire experienced bond cleaners sunshine coast to get a sparkling clean looking house. You can submit your cleaning checklist and concerns and ensure they do everything that you discussed.

Over To You

Moving out doesn’t have to be difficult when you carefully follow these steps with precision and care. If you’re looking for bond cleaning services sunshine coast, call Sunshine Eco Cleaning Serices on 1300 356 397.

How Clean Should Your House Be?

If you’re planning to move out, cleaning is the biggest headache you will ever have to face. But with many bond cleaning companies by your side, you don’t have to carry the burden anymore. All you need is to find the right bond cleaner to ensure the best cleaning for your home that is required and move out peacefully. When you hire bond cleaning sunshine coast company, you will have the peace of mind and can concentrate on other works without having to point them. Generally, bond cleaning companies have their cleaning checklist and you just have to discuss with them to add the areas that you want them to clean. On top of all, you must achieve the sparkling cleanliness that is required by the landlord to get your security deposit back without any deductions.

Clean the Rugs, Carpets, Furniture Upholstery & Curtains

If you have been using heavy-duty rugs or carpets, ensure to vacuum them or hire a carpet cleaners sunshine coast to clean them thoroughly. They have the best cleaning tools and equipment to support the cleaning. It’s vital that no smell or stains or hair or dust remain in these areas. Similarly, your bed linens, curtains, steam clean them and vacuum all the furnishings to become fresh and dust-free.

Dust & Deep Clean the Missed Spots

Ceiling fans, light bulbs, window blinds, bathroom cabinets require dusting and cleaning. So include these areas in your cleaning and get it cleaned to perfection.

Deep Clean Your Ovens & Refrigerator

It is important to keep the oven stainless and grease-free. In case, if you’re finding it hard to clean, hire oven cleaner to clean your oven. Next, unplug your refrigerator to wipe the underneath to tarp the dust and debris settled there and thoroughly wipe and dry them.

Staircase & Hallways

These two areas track huge traffic of dust and debris daily and it is must to give them deep clean.

Windows & Doors

Windows and doors are the ultimate dust spot and it must be cleaned and wiped thoroughly to have a clean look. In case, if you can’t achieve the windows outside, get help from window cleaners sunshine coast company to do it for you.

Kitchen & Bathroom

Make sure to empty the cupboards and racks and give them a good clean. Kitchen and bathroom are prone to have a lot of dirt, and grease, and mold build-up, so make sure to give them intensive clean.

If you want to have a proper solution for bond cleaning, hire the expert bond cleaners sunshine coast from Sunshine Eco Cleaning Services. For bookings, Call 1300 356 397 today.

Top Bond Cleaning Tips To Follow During This Lock Down

People struggle with the hustle and bustle of moving out. As moving out comes with new possibilities to explore, it is quite challenging as well. However, it is your responsibility to leave the property in a pristine condition. Therefore, you must take bond cleaning task as your priority. Without proper cleaning materials and tools, you may not be able to achieve the cleanliness that your landlord insists. When hiring a bond cleaning sunshine coast services, you can leave the property with sparkling cleanliness, and also get your security bond back from your landlord. Here, in this blog, we help you with top bond cleaning tips to help you move peacefully during this lock down.

Plan & Prepare

If you have decided to move out, you must make a plan to make things work in the right way. Right from managing the move-out day stress, to getting the security deposit from the landlord, there are a lot of things involved. So list down the number of things to be finished and prepare a checklist to ensure everything goes as per the schedule.

Pack & Clean

So the next step is packing and cleaning. Pack the essential items right from your belongings to your kitchen items. Moreover, move the furniture before cleaning the area. You will be relieved that once you settle your items, cleaning will be much more easier. Also, it is necessary to do a sample clean up before calling in the professionals. By doing so, you are making the job easier for the cleaning professionals.

Schedule & Hire Pros

Now, it is time to schedule an appointment with the bond cleaning professionals. They will visit your home and determine the extent of damage that your house has and proceed with the cleaning. Even the areas that you fail to spot will be cleaned during the process. When you hire bond cleaners sunshine coast, they will ensure every inch of the space is thoroughly cleaned.

Over To You

If you are looking for a bond cleaning services sunshine coast company to help you out, hire our bond cleaners from Sunshine Eco Cleaning Services. For Appointments, call 1300 356 397 today.

Moving Out? Here’s Our Tips To Follow During This Lockdown

Move-out is an exciting process. Finally, you’re about to leave the place and move to the new place that you had planned for. However, unfortunately, due to this lockdown, you may have postponed the move-out. If so, then ensure the cleaning part is done at its best.  Bond Cleaning Sunshine Coast services from some cleaning companies are available at this period, where you can use them to get your house thoroughly cleaned. Here, in this blog, we tell you how to survive during this lockdown by not ruining the look of your house.

Let’s get started.

Do A Sample Clean Up

If you’re done packing your items, start cleaning the areas of your home. From kitchen to hallways and all the areas of your home and ensure it looks neat.

Remove the Furniture & Curtains

Before you call a bond cleaning service, ensure to keep the furniture items in the corner or in a separate room, this greatly helps the bond cleaners sunshine coast to do the job easily.

Keep Your Essentials Separately

From kitchenware items to personal toiletries like tissues towels, bath essentials should be kept in a separate bag, so that you don’t have to open the packed boxes.

Keep A Check On The Packages

Instruct your children to keep a check on the packages and ensure the boxes are okay. Also, protect them from moisture and pests.

Do Not Over Use

If you have already cleaned the areas with a bond cleaning service, try not to overuse the areas or ruin the place in this period. Use separate trash bins and disposable covers and sheets on the floors, so that you may not dirty the carpet. Also, use only the selected rooms where you can easily clean and maintain and not touch the delicate areas that are prone to get dirty.

Maintain Regular House Cleaning

This is essential to maintain the cleaning done by the pros. Clean and sanitise all the other areas of the home and ensure to trash your bins regularly. It will keep the house germ-free during this outbreak. House Cleaning Sunshine Coast helps you in cleaning your house makes free from germs.

Over To You

Once the lockdown and everything are settled, you can call our bond cleaners from Sunshine Eco Cleaning for the final cleaning and can happily move out without any hassle.

If you’re looking to hire a professional bond cleaning services sunshine coast company like Sunshine Eco Cleaning Services, Call 1300 356 397 today.

Why Should You Clean The Walls For Bond Cleaning? – You Need To Know

The answer is a big ‘YES’. In most bond cleaning blogs, you might have come across a different post that goes unnoticed, like the oven, window exteriors, behind the bathroom areas. However, what often gets overlooked is your walls. Especially when you have children at home, wall scribbles, colour pencils drawings are inevitable. However, you can’t leave the walls untreated. Though the whole house looks clean, if the walls are dirty, it will create a shabby appeal to the entire house. It is why getting a wall cleaning service along with the bond cleaning sunshine coast is recommended. Here, in this blog, we share with you the wall cleaning steps for the end of the lease cleaning.

Steps To Follow For Wall Cleaning

  • Remove the cobwebs from all the rooms, ceiling, fans and light fixtures.
  • Firstly, you need to scrape off the old paint that has been ruined. Using a paint scraper, you can easily remove the black paint from the wall.
  • Once you scarp off the paint, you will any crevices or holes in your walls. Before you start to repaint, fix those holes, otherwise, the paint will not look good.
  • Take a piling compound to fill those holes and cracks with the help of a putty knife, to avoid the messy sand dust around the holes, use a cloth to dust them out.
  • After the application, let it dry, if you suspect any cobwebs or dust, make sure to remove them from the walls. Moreover, by dusting with a duster or a dust stick, help to remove any dust particles that were on the wall.
  • Take a bucket of warm water and a mild soap solution to clean the wall. Start rinsing the wall from the bottom and then use clean water to wash the walls and part it dry with a towel. You can keep the area ventilated properly for the walls to dry faster.
  • Finally, apply the paint in all the areas, ensure to keep newspapers on the floor to avoid any paint spills on the floor surface.

Though wall cleaning is a time-consuming process, you can do it before your final cleaning. Need help? Our bond cleaners sunshine coast from Sunshine Eco Cleaning Services will come to help you right away. For bookings, Call 1300 356 397.

Bond Cleaning Guide & Things You Should Do

Moving out is quite a tedious and exhausting process. Therefore, you need to be smart and make it a point to make the bond cleaning properly done by experts. Otherwise, you will have to pay some huge amounts of money for poor maintenance. To stay away from unwanted deductions from your landlord, and to make your end of the tenancy go seamless, consider hiring a bond cleaning service from a reputed bond cleaning sunshine coast company.  They will ensure that your house is thoroughly cleaned and ready for the next tenant. In this blog, we will address some points on how you should leave the house, and some points to make your move out go well.

Call Your Landlord For Inspection

If your house is not in the condition to meet the standard requirements of your tenancy agreement, then the house owner can easily deduct money from the security deposit. To avoid this, you should hire an end of the cleaning service before a month, and get your house cleaned to maximum standards. Moreover, call your landlord for inspection to find the areas that need more attention. You can even inform the end of the lease cleaner to note down the areas for a deep clean and proceed with the cleaning schedule before the final inspection.

Prepare Your House For Bond Cleaning

When you have decided to move out, you must start preparing the house for cleaning.

  • Declutter the space and throw out unwanted things that are no longer useful to you.
  • Dust and remove the cobwebs from the corners, ceilings, light fixtures, and fans.
  • Clean the window exteriors, and start packing your items.
  • Arrange a carpet cleaning sunshine coast service to clean your carpets, curtains, and furniture upholstery. This would take a long time and we recommend you to do it before the main cleaning, it will help the bond cleaners to concentrate on the other areas.

Focus The Unnoticed Spots

Even though the house looks speck less, your house owner may be able to point the area that you did not even think of. Prepare a cleaning checklist of unnoticed areas like attics, windows exteriors, ovens, behind the washroom areas, ceilings, carpets, and any other additional extras. When you add these additional extras and unnoticed spots in your cleaning checklist, there is no way your money will get deducted, and you can bid goodbye to your house owner happily.

If you are looking for an professional bond cleaners sunshine coast, Sunshine Eco Cleaning Services expert team is here to help. For appointments, call 1300 356 397.

Things That You Miss During Bond Cleaning

Moving out can be stressful. If you have decided to end your lease, the first thing that comes to your mind is the final cleaning. You need to leave the house flawless and spotless before you hand the keys to the landlord. This is where you must get the help of the bond cleaners. They know what it takes to achieve a spotlessly clean and make your moving out easy. However, when you hire a bond cleaning sunshine coast services, it is natural that you forget to mention some places in the cleaning checklist; we have rounded up some of the places that go unnoticed during the bond cleaning. Find Here!

Ceiling Corners

This is where the cobwebs hide and make the ceiling corners clumsy. You can use a ladder or chair to reach the corner and dust the cobwebs regularly. This makes it easier at the end of the lease cleaning. Also, include this area in your cleaning checklist to be cleaned.


This area often gets overlooked and looks untidy just like your floors. They need to be cleaned as well. You must ensure to clean them as it makes the entire look new.

Switchboards and Door Knobs

These areas are touched by a lot of hands regularly and can look dull and unappealing. Ensure to include them while cleaning as clean switchboards and doorknobs can enhance the look even more.

Behind the Washroom

Like how you treat the toilets, the area behind your toilets needs some cleaning too.  Ensure to clean them thoroughly and concentrate on the walls and floor tiles.

Additional Extras

Sometimes you may forget to clean the additional extras like oven, refrigerators, and carpets, deep clean all of them and make sure you do not leave anything uncleaned.

When it comes to the end of the lease cleaning, leaving everything speckles is your responsibility. If you do take the cleaning seriously, you’ll get your security deposit at the earliest.

If you are looking for a bond cleaners Sunshine Coast professionals, call our bond cleaners from Sunshine Eco Cleaning Services @1300 356 397 today.

How To Choose The Right Bond Cleaner?

Are you planning to move out? Move out cleaning or bond cleaning sunshine coast is essential if you are moving from one house to another. To get your full bond back, you must ensure that the property is thoroughly cleaned. Hiring end of the lease cleaning services or professional bond cleaners for detail & carpet cleaning brisbane would be a great idea. However, this is where many people fail. They do not know what to ask from the cleaning service and what is being covered. If you are planning to move out, here are some tips to choose the ideal bond cleaner.

  • Look for a bond cleaner who is certified and experienced. An experienced bond cleaner does the cleaning within a short time and also has insurance premium covers. So, during the inspection, if your landlord is not happy with the cleanliness, you can ask the bond cleaner to fix it right away.

  • Choose a reputed bond cleaner who has all the credentials like police clearance, estimate quote, invoice, and more. If the person whom you have hired does not have these necessary documents in hand, it means that he is not in the business for a long time and cannot be trusted.

  • Ask what is included in the move out cleaning. A certified and experienced bond cleaner will have all the advanced equipment and would inform you about the cleaning checklist, what they can offer. If you have enjoyed any optional extras like carpets, curtains, and upholstery, ask your bond cleaner to include it in the cleaning.

  • If you have already found the bond cleaning service and still unsure of their credibility, you can check their google reviews, talk to them directly, visit their venue if possible, and see if they are a trustworthy resource.

  • Before hiring a bond cleaning service, check their customer service, to see whether they provide all the info that you need. With so many options available at least try to contact 3 to 4 cleaning companies to know their estimate quotations, range of services, and choose the one who is guaranteed with all the above standards.

Looking for an bond cleaning brisbane service? Our bond cleaners would be happy to help. For more information, call 1300 356 397 today.

Make Your Bond Cleaning A Success This 2020 – Know How?

Planning to relocate? It is New Year 2020 and you have already found the house that you want to move in. There is this one important thing that might be challenging and exhausting is the final cleaning of your house.

The simple trick for a hassle-free exit is organising your home, and keeping it clutter-free. However, hiring the bond cleaning sunshine coast services or professional bond cleaners would help have a desired clean.

Having a checklist of cleaning areas and prepping up your home for a bond cleaning service would make your moving more peaceful and enjoyable.

Prep Up Your House For Bond Cleaning

  • Declutter the space by throwing out all unwanted items, and ensure you free up the space.
  • By dusting all the areas would give a decent look, however, the bond cleaner would use effective tools to dust even the hard-to-reach places.
  • Mop the floors and even if you do not achieve the desired clean, your bond cleaner would take up the job for you and ensure the floor sparkles with shine.
  • Consider having a look at your windows and doors, giving them a thorough wipe with a house cleaning solution would make them look clean.

You can discuss with your bond cleaners sunshine coast team, and give them the checklist of areas to be cleaned. Also, highlight the areas, which need deep cleaning like your kitchen, and bathroom.

Ensure the bond cleaning service you choose is a certified end of lease cleaners sunshine coast professional because they come up with insurance covers. Even if they make any damage to the property while doing the cleaning, they will take responsibility for you.

And The Benefit,

  • They will ensure that your living room, kitchen, bathroom, and the windows look brighter and cleaner.
  • Also, they make every area of your house look clean and dirt-free, and make you feel like as you have entered a new home, which is the best outcome you could ask for.

If you are in need of a end of lease cleaning sunshine coast services, Call Sunshine Eco Cleaning Services @1300 356 397 today.