Perfect Plan for a Post-Holiday Clean Up

The holidays are behind us, and while you had rushed to stock your business with all those goods that keep customers walking in, it is time to get back to normal now that the shopping rush has stopped. You did your best trying to maintain sanity in a place that threatened to drive you crazy, but you cannot complain since you had to take advantage of the peak season to maximise your profits. However, the mess in your warehouse will not clean up after itself so you can start planning for it.

Is planning for a post-holiday clean up necessary?

They say if you do not plan for anything, you are planning to fail. Well, this applies in business too and since cleaning your warehouse, especially if it is large, will not be through in a day, it is best to have some guidelines to follow. Apart from warehouse size, the time taken to clean will also depend on the workforce available, the goods you store, how thorough you need to be since some warehouses need sanitisation, and the availability of equipment.

When you do not want to interrupt the regular operations by having your employees do the cleaning themselves, you can hire commercial cleaning sydney experts like Sunshine Eco Cleaning services.

How do you plan for the clean-up?

Do not wait until all warehouses are empty to begin your house cleaning; immediately one has no left stock of supplies, clean it. Of course, this will only be effective if you have several warehouses whereby you can also save post-holiday clean up by transferring supplies from one warehouse to another to facilitate cleaning.

Having one warehouse does not imply that you have to wait until the peak retail season is over to begin the cleaning process. You can divide up your warehouse into sections such that the most marketable goods are stored together and once that section is empty you can clean it.

Do not keep your business as an unsightly mess; not when Sunshine Eco Cleaning Services offers its professional team to help with office cleaning sunshine coast too. You can call us on 1300 356 397 or visit our website to book online.

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Bond Cleaning Made Easy with Professional Cleaners

Once you get transferred to a different part of the city, or maybe the apartment is no longer serving your needs, you have to get a new place. Moving out can be a hectic affair; packing your stuff and leaving behind a clean house for the next tenant. Given the short notice you might have received to start work in your next station you may lack the time to thoroughly clean your rented apartment which could cost you your bond money. With professional cleaners to offer thorough house cleaning sunshine coast, you will not miss out on those extra dollars.

Do you really need professional cleaners?

Before getting your security deposit refunded, you have to pass an inspection that checks to see that everything is in impeccable condition. You may lack the materials, expertise and time to meet the standards expected but a professional cleaning company will eliminate the hassle.

What benefits do you get from using professional cleaners?

Modern cleaning equipment

As much as you pride yourself in your ability to give your house a thorough scrubbing, you cannot beat a team that has been in the business for decades. Besides, while you may have a vacuum cleaner, a few brushes, brooms and detergents, a professional cleaning company such as Sunshine Eco Cleaning Services goes a step further in protecting the health of the tenants using environmentally products. Moreover, the equipment used is more efficient, and the detergents are sure to be gentle on the flooring and not cause any damage.

Pocket-friendly charges

The amount of money you will have to part with in return for the exceptional bond cleaning sunshine coast you will get is very minimal. What’s more; you can take advantage of monthly offers that the company could be offering and save a few pennies.

Competent team

We train our staff in all spheres regularly, from providing excellent customer service to offering high-quality cleaning services. Further, we hire only those who have undergone relevant certifications to ensure that your items are in expert hands.

Do you want to get your security deposit soonest possible? Do not hesitate to contact us at 1300 356 397 to book your appointment which you can do online also by visiting our website

Tips to Get the Best Out of Commercial Cleaning

When it comes to commercial cleaning sydney, your clients expect you to provide the best of services. Your work should be outstanding to give them a reason to hire you again. But if you are running a new cleaning company, it may be a bit difficult to organise and deliver the best services. Especially now, that the maintenance policies are strict. However, it does not have to be. If you as the supervisor or the inspector understand the nature of the job and you have your cleaning team organised, your quality of work will always be unmatchable. Here at Sunshine Eco Cleaning Services we thrive for excellence. Here is how we deliver the best commercial cleaning services that our customers deserve.

1. Start by working with the janitors

We want a client to trust your company. We want them to be satisfied by the quality of work we provide. There is no other better way to do that than working with the caretaker of the commercial premises. It gives the management the confidence that we will do a good job.

2. Decide What Type of Cleaning we will be Doing

It is essential that we know what our services will include. As different companies offer different cleaning services, it is best we categorise ourselves with the cleaning we provide. Will our team be strictly for cleaning houses? Or they can also clean offices? Understanding this will help us stay organised and work efficiently.

3. Hire the Right Staff

A client will judge us according to the way we present ourselves. Even if we offer the best cleaning services but we are not hospitable, no one would want to work with us. We ensure that our team are friendly. Be confident as well as cautious. Hospitality is the first thing a customer will look at to determine whether you are fit for the job. Our cleaning includes:

• Supervisors

They are the people that inspect the work done and ensure that it is nothing but good. They are in charge of checking the complaints received from the clients and ensure that they are satisfied. They head the cleaning team. As such they should be able to communicate well and should also be competent.

• Cleaners and Janitors

They are the ones who get the cleaning job done. Ensure that they are friendly, they are knowledgeable in the cleaning field and can be relied upon to do an excellent job.

A commercial cleaning company should operate in a way that benefits everyone involved in it. But that is only possible if the business is backed up with the right people to provide the services. We ensure that we are giving the best of services to our clients.

How Often Should Commercial Carpets Be Cleaned?

Carpets are essential accessories even in the commercial sector. They add beauty and elegance to an office. Installing a carpet in an office isn’t usually the most difficult task. The hardest part comes in ensuring the commercial carpet is always clean. Most commercial establishments have a busy schedule. It is therefore normal for people to forget about having their carpets cleaned.

Nonetheless, commercial carpets are more prone to becoming stained and dirty because of the regular movements done in an office setting. This leads to the question: How often should commercial carpets be cleaned? At Sunshine Eco Cleaning, we are a leading carpet cleaning company and are more than glad to professionally get rid of stains, and dirt from your carpets.

How Often Do You Require Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services?

Over the years that we have been conducting commercial carpet cleaning sunshine coast, we have discovered that carpets require professional commercial cleaning every year. This, however, only applies to residential areas. For commercial establishments, carpets need to be professionally cleaned after every six months.

The reason behind this is because the commercial sectors are high traffic areas. Meaning that these offices are visited by a lot of people. And, this contributes to the accumulation of dust and dirt in the carpets.

To know how frequent, you need commercial carpet cleaning, you should ask yourself the following questions:

1. Do you get a lot of visitors?

2. Does your carpet have bright colours?

3. Are shoes worn indoors?

4. Is the carpet located in high-traffic areas?

5. Do some of the employees have allergies? From the above questions, if most of your answers are yes, then you need to have your commercial carpet cleaned as frequently as possible. At Sunshine Eco Cleaning, we can conduct professional carpet cleaning for your company or business. Reach out to us so that we can schedule when to clean your carpet. Also, make a habit of vacuuming the carpets regularly to ensure it remains clean.

4 Smart Tips to Keep Your Office Clean

Even the neatest, tidiest employees in the world can’t avoid mess and clutter. Regardless of how orderly people are, accidents will always happen. Drinks get spilled. Files are knocked to the ground. Winter shoes drag dirt and debris onto carpets. Mess happens. The important thing is that it doesn’t affect business routines.

The best way to ensure this is to hire a company for commercial cleaning in Sunshine Coast. That way, you can focus squarely on the tasks at hand, safe in the knowledge that workspaces are safe and suitable. Office cleaning sunshine coast are more affordable now than ever. So, consider calling in the professionals to help keep ‘the kingdom’ clean.

In the meantime, here is some advice on office cleaning and keeping your workspace tidy during the winter months.

Don’t Leave It ‘til Later

One common mistake is to make or spot a mess and assume it can be left until later. It can, but this has no benefit for your team. Not only does it leave the office untidy for longer than necessary, but it also fosters a ‘leave it be’ culture. If one person abandons their mess, others will assume it’s no big deal and follow suit.

Stop Hoarding Paperwork

Paper documents are the biggest source of unwanted clutter for offices. While they used to be essential, digital files have made paperwork almost obsolete. Ask yourself, how much of this paperwork is indispensable? You may be surprised by the answer, particularly if digital storage has been part of your corporate policy for some time.

Keep Tidy Desks

Some employees like to fill their desks with clutter. Unfortunately, the more cluttered the desktop, the less ordered the workspace. Allow a few personal items (photo frames, trinkets, stationery holders, etc.), but in small numbers. At the end of the day, employees should file paperwork away in a drawer, desk tidy or out of sight elsewhere.

Start an Office Rota

As previously mentioned, the easiest way to keep an office clean is with commercial cleaners sunshine coast. However, if you’re not ready to hire yet, it’s up to employees to look after their own environments. Draw up rotas for tasks like emptying the dishwasher, hoovering carpets, cleaning the sink and disinfecting surfaces. Alternatively, just call in the professionals.

Office cleaning can feel like a big job. In reality, it is very simple but it gets tough when combined with hectic work schedules, staff meetings, time with clients and other corporate responsibilities.

Let Sunshine Eco Cleaning Services do the tough work for you. Call 1300 356 397 today to arrange a winter ‘pick me up’ for your office.

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Why is Carpet Steam Cleaning Necessary?

Do you want to make your living room refreshing and appealing to your guests? Purchasing a rug with interesting patterns can ensure you give your room an affordable makeover. For instance, choosing wool carpet will ensure you get the best comfort when relaxing in your home after a long day at work.

Professional carpet cleaning Sunshine CoastHowever, unlike hardwood floors, you need to clean your carpet thoroughly to remove dust and dirt. If you have children and pets in your home, keeping your carpet clean can be challenging. Spills and stains are common issues if you have kids around. On the other hand, pets will shed their hair on your carpet and even urinate on it. If you fail to carry out thorough Carpet Cleaning sunshine coast, a bad odour will emanate during hot days.

Dust and grime are other things you should look out for if you have invested in an expensive carpet. They will nestle deep in your carpet and cause damage to its fibres. As time goes by, you’ll notice that your carpet will thin and wear out.

Dirty carpets present several health hazards, that’s aside from bringing into question your abilities as a home keeper. Regular visits to your dermatologist or chest physician may be as a result of your carpet. Carpets can be unclean, even if not visibly dirty. They can end up making asthma symptoms worse by hosting allergens. Individuals with asthma conditions will wheeze as a result.

Unclean carpets are the perfect breeding areas for dust mites, which can make you experience skin allergies. In addition, they can cause eczema, skin rashes, allergic rhinitis, dermatitis, cracked heels, and nasal polypus.

You may think that being cautious while carrying food and drinks around your house, removing shoes before you step on the carpet and vacuuming will enable you to avoid hiring a professional Carpet Cleaning service.

Preventing spills by being careful when handling drinks will make your carpet look new and vacuuming will remove dust. However, only an expert Carpet Cleaning service in will remove dust mites and wet dust. They will make sure that your carpet looks stunning and safe for you and your family.

Your carpet’s lifespan depends on the methods you use to clean it. Professional carpet cleaners Sunshine Coast use the Steam Cleaning method and eco-friendly products to ensure they take care of your carpet.

At Sunshine Eco Cleaning Services, we provide you with honest and trained personnel to ensure your carpet is thoroughly cleaned, enabling it to look gorgeous.

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How Often Should Business Windows Be Cleaned?

Window Cleaning Sydney

Here at Sunshine Eco Cleaning, we’re accustomed to answering questions, whether they’re little ones about commercial cleaning products or bigger ones like how to hire high-quality window cleaners sydney. As our top priority is you – the customer – we strive to give the best advice.

When it comes to commercial windows (cafes, bars, shops, offices etc.), there is conflicting advice on how regularly businesses need cleaning. As types of use and rates of wear differ dramatically from one premises to the next, the answer depends on their routines.

This quick guide to commercial window cleaning will help you decide how many visits to schedule.


Often, the biggest factor is location. If your business is close to highways and busy streets, you’ll need window cleaners brisbane more regularly. When close to the fumes created by traffic, glass gets dirty fast. You’ll notice grime builds up much quicker in these areas.


While the presence of trees negates the impact of traffic fumes, to some extent, it doesn’t mean cleaner windows. In fact, if there are trees close to the building (close enough to touch or overhang), they’ll probably drip sap. This can be annoying, but it is easy to clean. Just get in touch with reliable window cleaners in your area.


Most people assume rainy environments reduce the need for window cleaning sunshine coast. While it’s true some business windows look less dusty and present fewer blemishes, water itself leaves stains. After a rainstorm, you’ll often find stains caused by dried out mineral deposits. So, don’t assume the weather will do the job for you.

General Guidelines for Window Cleaning

    • Busy Office – Bimonthly
    • Less Busy Office (no customers) – Monthly
    • Busy Retail Stores – Monthly
    • Low Traffic Stores – Bimonthly
    • Restaurants – Twice Weekly
  • Healthcare Facilities – Monthly

Professional window cleaning is recommended for businesses because brands depend on looking good. To convince customers you’ve got the goods on the inside, you’ve got to look the part outside. So, trust Sunshine Eco Cleaning Services to help your business show its best face to the world. Call us at 1300 356 397 for booking our window cleaners.

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Separate the Best from the Rest – Commercial Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning BrisbaneAre you searching for the best Commercial Cleaning service in Melbourne? Many services promise the best cleaning jobs but end up delivering little. You need to know what to consider to help you make the right choice. Read on to know vital points to consider when looking for the best Office Cleaning sunshine coast for your business premises.

Ask For References

The first thing you need to ask any Commercial Cleaning service in Melbourne is verifiable references from previous clients. Don’t feel afraid or uncomfortable when asking for these references. They will enable you to know if the company provides quality services. Moreover, they will let you know if they have honest team members, especially if you’re going to give them the keys to clean your offices after business hours.

Inquire About Their Experience

You should know how long the company has been offering commercial cleaning services. If they have been around for long, you can have peace of mind that they have the necessary experience. On the other hand, if they are new, you should know if their team members have previous experience in cleaning. For instance, they may have worked somewhere else for five years, and have now started their company.

Another thing you should realize is that someone with minimal experience in office cleaning can offer you a better job to prove himself or herself than someone who has been offering these jobs for years. Professional commercial cleaning sunshine coast may get complacent over time, meaning you may not get the best cleaning job.

Fast Response When Emergencies Arise

In the event, water pipes burst or you experience overflowing toilets at your workplace, you want commercial cleaning services that respond fast. Any commercial cleaning service in Melbourne that considers an emergency cleaning job as something to be done in the next 24-48 hours should not be considered for hire.

With the above points in mind, you should trust your instincts when hiring a commercial cleaning company. In most instances, it enables you to make the right choice. If you’re looking for an experienced and trustworthy office cleaning service, you should speak to Sunshine Eco Cleaning Services today. Our professional cleaners will ensure your offices look appealing to your customers and employees, meaning better returns.

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Top Reasons Steam Carpet Cleaning Is Much More Popular

Professional carpet cleaning Sunshine CoastAre you searching for the best Carpet Cleaning service? Carpets are a regular feature in many homes and offices and popular since they make your home refreshing and welcoming. As a result, they are an integral component of any home furnishing. A clean looking carpet improves the appearance of any home or office and reduces the chances of illnesses and allergens.

Depending on the type of your carpet and the extent of dust and dirt in it, many professional Carpet Cleaners Sunshine Coast will offer you several techniques to clean it. These methods include dry cleaning, carpet shampooing and steam cleaning. Nowadays, the best option for many services that deal with cleaning carpets is steam cleaning. Read on to know why professional carpet cleaners prefer it.

What Is Steam Carpet Cleaning?

Steam carpet cleaning is also known as wet cleaning or hot water extraction method. In this process, expert Carpet Cleaning Services Sunshine Coast will heat water to near its boiling temperatures and apply it on your carpet.

The hot water will enter your carpet all the way to its bottom layers and remove stains. The carpet is then vacuumed to remove the water solution and remaining particles. Steam cleaning is one effective deep cleaning method that carpet cleaners should use to take care of your carpet.

Carpet CleanersBenefits of Steam Carpet Cleaning:

  • It’s the only method that ensures Carpet Cleaners deep clean your carpet’s fibres. That means your fabric will be free of stains and dust.
  • It ensures dust or dust, which may have settled deep in your carpet is removed.
  • The hot water used in steam cleaning kills bacteria, parasites, allergens, germs, viruses and destroys dust mites and fungus.
  • Carpet manufacturers and cleaning professionals recommend it.
  • This method can remove odour resulting from pet urine easily and fast, while an ordinary vacuum can’t.
  • It’s 100% eco-friendly since it doesn’t involve the use of harsh chemicals.

At Sunshine Eco Cleaning Services, we provide you with steam carpet cleaning Sunshine Coast, enabling you to enjoy the above benefits. For the best offer, make sure you Call us today to enable us to use this effective and eco-friendly method to clean your delicate carpet.

DIY Carpet Cleaning Mistakes

Carpet Cleaners Adelaide

Carpets are delicate and cost significant amounts of money to buy. When cleaning them, you may think that it’s an easy job which you can use a shampooer and save money. Unfortunately, you may end up damaging your carpet. You need to make sure you look for professional Carpet Cleaning Services to remove dust, dirt and allergens from your carpet. This article looks at common do-it-yourself (DIY) Carpet Cleaning Mistakes.

DIY Carpet Cleaning Mistakes

You need to look for the best cleaning service to take care of your carpet. If you want to save money, you should alternate between DIY, which is cheap and professional carpet cleaning that will cost you more. Carpet cleaning is a time-consuming activity and involves lots of hard work, and it’s the reason why many people damage their carpets. Let’s look at three DIY carpet cleaning mistakes that end up damaging your delicate carpet.

  • Unable to protect wet carpets from furniture
  • Using excess shampoo
  • Over-Wetting

When using DIY approaches, it’s common for carpet owners to carry do these mistakes. It’s the reason why you need to look for professional carpet cleaners. If you fail to remove excess shampoo and water, a foamy residue may build up, making to impossible for you to clean your carpet.

Over Wetting

Over-wetting occurs when you use excess water, which seeps to the carpet’s base. Too much water can discolour your carpet, shrink it and tear it. If the backing and pad get wet, you will find it hard to dry them, leading to mould and mildew problems.

Unable to Protect Wet Carpets from Furniture

You may have wood furniture in your home. If you fail to remove then when carrying out carpet cleaning by yourself, the furniture may release dyes, which stain your carpet after long-term contact with the carpet’s wet surface. Moreover, furniture with metal feet can rust and stain your wet carpet.

Using a Carpet Deodoriser, the Wrong Way

You should realize that a carpet deodorizer will not remove stains and dirt from your carpet. Furthermore, the average vacuum won’t be able to get rid of the deodorizing powder. It will only make the powder build-up worse and result in a dirtier carpet.

You want to avoid the above mistakes. The best option for you should be to hire the best Carpet Cleaning Services. At Sunshine Eco Cleaning Services, we’re the best Carpet Cleaners adelaide with an excellent reputation among our customers. If you’re searching for quality Carpet Cleaning services, Contact us today and we’ll provide you with trustworthy carpet cleaners who will do your job with perfection.