How To Create A Perfect Living Room?

Everyone aims to create a perfect living room, but what makes a perfect living room, it is simpler than you think. Having a clean and bright room with minimal decors and simple furnishings would make your living room more breathable and attractive. You do not need luxury carpets, or chandeliers or big fluffy sofas to add up the glam, you can make a perfect living area within your space with regular house cleaning sunshine coast and little tune-ups to get the look.

Declutter the Unwanted Items

You should remember that a living room is the face of your house, so, you must keep it clean and clutter-free. Keep the books on appropriate shelves and make your cushions sit simply with embellished pillows.

Clean and Colourful Carpet

If you have a smaller space, using a fluffy carpet would be nice to sit on and have some tea time conversations or you can chill out with a Netflix series ideally.

Transparent and Colourful Curtains

Whether you like patterned curtains or plain and stain curtains,get them and hang them on your windows and let it add an extra dose of glam to your space. Also, you must pick a colour that matches your wall and cushions.

Let Your Walls Speak Too

Add some colours to your wall and see how amazing it turns your space into a dreamy abode. You can also try sticking beautiful wallpapers or scenery on the wall to make it look attractive.

Add Some Accessories

Simple wood hangings, jute chairs on the corner, hanging lamps would make anyone fall in love with your space. Simple accessories would greatly add elegance to your home space within seconds and remember not to put too much off them. It would end up in clutter again.

Also, once you make all the arrangements, follow a regular house cleaning routine to keep them in great shape. You can also get the house cleaners sunshine coast to help you out in the cleaning process and make your living space refreshing all the time.

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Learn these Simple and Easy Carpet Cleaning Hacks – Explore Now!

Maintaining a clean carpet is not always easy. Accidents may happen in the way of food spills, wine and coffee spills, pet stains, and of course frequent foot traffic, cause the carpet to look shabby and dull. At times, you need to be quick and have some handy solutions to save your carpet. Also, attending instantly to these spills would save from carpet from deep and hard stains. Want to know what can be used to make your carpet cleaning brisbane services better, explore now.

Use Wet Cloth

Always use a wet cloth soaked in a mild or foam-based cleaner on the stain. It will loosen up the stains, and absorb the moisture, apply some pressure to soak up the stain rather smudging or spreading it all over. Smudging or rubbing only helps in deepening the stains, which will further affect the carpet fibres and make the stains hard to remove. Always, remember, not to smudge but absorb the stains.

White Vinegar and Lemon Mix

Pet urine on your carpet can be annoying. It leaves bad odours fill the space in no time if you had kept it dry. You need to perform a prompt action by keeping a paper towel or tissue and pour a spoonful of white vinegar with lemon onto the affected area, let it sit for some minutes. Lemon and vinegar will chase away the odour and remove any stain.

Detergent and Warm Water

In some cases, you may have to deal with bloodstains. You can get rid of the stains in no time by using hot water and detergent mix. Pour the solution on the stain, and use a paper cloth to absorb the stains. Lemon and vinegar are natural stain removing agents; it removes any tough stains and has been used in many cleaning solutions.

However, if you expect a thorough and spotless clean look, hiring a professional carpet cleaning sunshine coast service would be helpful.

How To Choose The Right Bond Cleaner?

Are you planning to move out? Move out cleaning or bond cleaning sunshine coast is essential if you are moving from one house to another. To get your full bond back, you must ensure that the property is thoroughly cleaned. Hiring end of the lease cleaning services or professional bond cleaners for detail & carpet cleaning brisbane would be a great idea. However, this is where many people fail. They do not know what to ask from the cleaning service and what is being covered. If you are planning to move out, here are some tips to choose the ideal bond cleaner.

  • Look for a bond cleaner who is certified and experienced. An experienced bond cleaner does the cleaning within a short time and also has insurance premium covers. So, during the inspection, if your landlord is not happy with the cleanliness, you can ask the bond cleaner to fix it right away.

  • Choose a reputed bond cleaner who has all the credentials like police clearance, estimate quote, invoice, and more. If the person whom you have hired does not have these necessary documents in hand, it means that he is not in the business for a long time and cannot be trusted.

  • Ask what is included in the move out cleaning. A certified and experienced bond cleaner will have all the advanced equipment and would inform you about the cleaning checklist, what they can offer. If you have enjoyed any optional extras like carpets, curtains, and upholstery, ask your bond cleaner to include it in the cleaning.

  • If you have already found the bond cleaning service and still unsure of their credibility, you can check their google reviews, talk to them directly, visit their venue if possible, and see if they are a trustworthy resource.

  • Before hiring a bond cleaning service, check their customer service, to see whether they provide all the info that you need. With so many options available at least try to contact 3 to 4 cleaning companies to know their estimate quotations, range of services, and choose the one who is guaranteed with all the above standards.

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Make your Office Eco-Friendly With These Simple Tips

Want to make your office sustainable this 2020? Well, you can reap incredible benefits with some green habits. It all starts with simple office cleaning sydney, introducing desk plants, and having green trees around the office premises, encouraging employees to use less paper, turn off your system while not in use. By making these small changes, you can bring about a healthy and eco-friendly office.

Before making the changes, the biggest change you want to make is office cleanliness. Are you providing a healthy atmosphere for your employees? Do you maintain regular office cleaning? From impressing your potential clients to increase your productivity, office cleanliness plays numerous roles. You can even get the help of an office cleaner or commercial cleaning service to keep your office clean.

  • Try to keep some handy and easy to maintain desk plants in the employee desks. It promotes good airflow and also soothes the mind.
  • Trash out the dust bins daily. No one likes to see or have overflowing dust bins around them.
  • Encourage employees to use less paper and start using electronic storage devices. It would reduce paper usage, which ultimately puts an end to paper usage in a short time.
  • Turn of the light, fans, systems when not in use
  • Instead, getting glued on the chairs, motivate your employees to have a walk around the office during lunch or in a break. Having a breath of fresh air and active walking would activate their brain and they would work more efficiently than ever.
  • Having windows are a great benefit, it allows the natural light to fall inside, and there would be no need to switch the light during the day.
  • Use energy-efficient products like low power consuming lights, motion-activated light switches. These do not require much power and hence you can save the energy from being wasted. This help saves energy without needing to switch off.
  • You must encourage your employees for green commuting. Using the public transport system, bicycles would help a lot in lowering fuel use.

By making these changes, you can expect your office to become a sustainable office in 2020. If you ever thought of making a big change, start with office cleanliness, clean your office, get the help of our office cleaners brisbane from Sunshine Eco Cleaning Services. For appointments, call 1300 356 397 today.

Let Your Windows Sparkle This 2020 – Here’s How?

Sounds good. Isn’t it? Now, you can let your windows sparkle with shine throughout 2020 with proper maintenance. As with each New Year, you will be busy setting up goals like shedding some pounds of flesh, or being healthy, renovating homes, and much more. So, hiring a window cleaning sydney services or a professional window cleaner would help your window to a great extent, and make them sparkle with shine.

Just like taking care of your skin, your windows need some attention too. If you do not maintain your skin care routine, would you look bright? No right. Likewise, if you do not maintain your windows on a regular basis, it would end up looking pale and messy.

Of course, windows dictate the beauty of your home. However, if you wish to do it on your own, try out these four simple cleaning tips.


Dust will often get settled on your windows, and you should clean them with a cloth or by using a sponge.


Pour some mild cleaning solution into a bucket of water and apply the solution onto the window by using the sponge.


Once the cleaning solution is applied, use the scrubber to clean the windows, both horizontally and vertically. You can use the scrubber to remove any hard dirt or spot from the window.

Take the Help Of Squeegee

Use the squeegee blade to remove the excess dirt and water from the window and to avoid the surface from getting wet, you can keep some newspaper, or any used cloth over the floor to absorb the leaking drips. Both with horizontal and vertical strokes, you can achieve a spotless clean.

Use Microfiber Cloth

You must wipe the Squeegee blade using a microfiber cloth after each stroke and absorb any moisture from the window. To complete the process, use linen cloth to dry the damp areas of the window, and pat it dry. For window cleaning, you must choose a cloudy day instead of cleaning in full sun.

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Make Your Bond Cleaning A Success This 2020 – Know How?

Planning to relocate? It is New Year 2020 and you have already found the house that you want to move in. There is this one important thing that might be challenging and exhausting is the final cleaning of your house.

The simple trick for a hassle-free exit is organising your home, and keeping it clutter-free. However, hiring the bond cleaning sunshine coast services or professional bond cleaners would help have a desired clean.

Having a checklist of cleaning areas and prepping up your home for a bond cleaning service would make your moving more peaceful and enjoyable.

Prep Up Your House For Bond Cleaning

  • Declutter the space by throwing out all unwanted items, and ensure you free up the space.
  • By dusting all the areas would give a decent look, however, the bond cleaner would use effective tools to dust even the hard-to-reach places.
  • Mop the floors and even if you do not achieve the desired clean, your bond cleaner would take up the job for you and ensure the floor sparkles with shine.
  • Consider having a look at your windows and doors, giving them a thorough wipe with a house cleaning solution would make them look clean.

You can discuss with your bond cleaners sunshine coast team, and give them the checklist of areas to be cleaned. Also, highlight the areas, which need deep cleaning like your kitchen, and bathroom.

Ensure the bond cleaning service you choose is a certified end of lease cleaners sunshine coast professional because they come up with insurance covers. Even if they make any damage to the property while doing the cleaning, they will take responsibility for you.

And The Benefit,

  • They will ensure that your living room, kitchen, bathroom, and the windows look brighter and cleaner.
  • Also, they make every area of your house look clean and dirt-free, and make you feel like as you have entered a new home, which is the best outcome you could ask for.

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Say ‘Hello’ To 2020 With A Clean Office – Get Started

Your office is where you spend hours and hours to grow your business. And it’s where your business productivity increases. So, keeping them clean must be your number one priority. As you have stepped into the New Year, providing your employees with a clean office atmosphere would greatly benefit you in many ways. Hence, it is always best to hire an office cleaning adelaide services or commercial cleaners to do the cleaning for you, and you can peacefully jump start the New Year 2020 in full swing.

A clean office helps your employees to work efficiently, attracts your potential clients, increases your brand image, and most importantly leads your business to stronger growth. If your office holds a dirty and messy outlook, it will badly affect your growth.

Some of the Tips to get you Started

Prepare A Cleaning Checklist

When it comes to office cleaning, there are some significant areas like your cafeteria, washrooms, desks, lounges, and reception needs frequent cleaning. You must highlight the areas that need regular cleaning and determine the other areas that can be cleaned on a weekly or monthly basis.

If you hire a commercial cleaning service, they will suggest you with some tips on the cleaning schedule, where you can get your office clean, and also save some money on cleaning.

Hire The Right Cleaning Service

Well, this is a little difficult with a great deal of commercial cleaning adelaide services available. You need to do some research like, assessing their google reviews, communicate with them, and see whether they are open to answers to your queries and concerns.

Based on your budget and preference, choose the one who has experience in the office cleaning industry.

Schedule Timelines

As the start of the year proves to be busy for commercial cleaning services, as many businesses would book in advance. It is important to get their appointment and ensure your schedule is put into action. This way you can step the New Year with a refreshing start.

If you want to make your office look fresh and clean, consider hiring our commercial cleaners adelaide at Sunshine Eco Cleaning Services. For appointments, call 1300 356 397 today.

The Secret For A Spotless Kitchen – Read More!

Want to make your kitchen look spotless? Every household’s never-ending problem is to make their kitchen grease-free and look spotless. However, what makes a kitchen great depends on how well you organise it. Hiring a kitchen or house cleaning sunshine coast services or a house cleaner for help would make your kitchen clean. You can even ask the house cleaning professional to pin up the kitchen cleaning in the regular house cleaning schedule. However, if you plan to give a shot, you do not need a big space to fit everything you have, but you can arrange it neatly in the available space that you have.

Just a few handy tips and tricks would do well. Check out our list.

Organise The Items By Purpose

Arrange your kitchenware and daily use vessels in an easy to reach shelf and the other glassware up above it. This would help you have some space and also handy.

Hang Some

You can hang things like potholders, dishes, kitchen towels, and your aprons on the hanger mounted to the wall. While placing the hanger, ensure to keep it away from the stove to avoid food spills and grease dirt.

Arrange By Use

Place the tea cups, dishes, bowls, similar dishes, and bowls, in an easy to reach cupboard and specify any occasional vessels on the upper shelf. Also, remember to keep your kitchen cutlery storage in appropriate holders and kits.

Store In Containers

If you do not like spills and want your groceries free from the invasion of rats and insects. You must specify each item in airtight containers and place them in the closest range as possible. This would make your grocery things to remain dry.

Place The Stow Tools

Keep the stow tools near to you for fast and efficient food preparations and ensure you keep them within your reach.

Under The Sink

Place all the cleaning supplies, scrubbers, washers in the drawer under the sink and manage your vessel washing effectively. Also, make some space for the wrappers, silver foil papers, plastic cups and disposable bags in the drawer. So, you can use them efficiently and keep them in the same drawer.

Deep clean your kitchen every week twice and see if the arrangements you made help you, and if you do not like or find it difficult, re-align everything and see if it works.

If you need a deep cleaning or kitchen cleaning service, feel free to call the house cleaners sunshine coast at Sunshine Eco Cleaning Services. For appointments, Call 1300 356 397 today.

Amazing Health Benefits Of A Clean Home

A clean home is a source of happiness. When you keep your home clean consistently, it will have several benefits that will improve your physical and mental health and also saves your money. However, today’s busy lifestyle may not encourage you to do that. Well, you can schedule a weekly cleaning or even get the help of house cleaning sunshine coast services to clean your house. With many house cleaning services available, you can choose the one that fits your budgetary requirements.

Keep Your Bed Clean

A clean bed often leads to better sleep. With an ongoing busy lifestyle, you may run out of time to rearrange things and safely put them in their places. However, when your bed is messy and not organised properly, it will cause stress. When you make a little effort to keep them organised, it will have numerous benefits. From leading better sleep to preventing you from unwanted stress, a clean bed is something, which you should maintain all the time. Also, vacuuming the blankets is recommended, as it helps to kill all the microorganisms and prevents you from allergies.

Keep Your Living Space Clutter-Free

Clutters, dirty laundry, and the overflowing bins – You can’t imagine the height of filth you are building at your home. The result is, it will slow down your mind, and make your work aimlessly. Moreover, you will tend to make poor food choices and can even get sick often. So, you must keep the living area and your kitchen as clean as possible and clear the unwanted things from the living area. By enabling a spacious and organised living area ensures peace and also attracts your nosy neighborhood to spend some more time at your home.

Keep Your Bathroom Clean

If you find yourself falling sick often, perhaps it is time to check your washrooms. If you fail to clean them regularly, it produces nasty odours and the bacteria, and germs would multiply faster than ever to attack you. Soap scum, hard water deposits may dull your bathroom floors. Keeping them clean and bright makes them look nice for a long time.

Whether you are looking for a regular cleaning service or one-time cleanup, you can take the help of our house cleaners sunshine coast at Sunshine Eco Cleaning Services. For appointments, call us on 1300 356 397 today.

How To Clean Your Windows? – Step By Step Guide

Dirty windows are the hidden mediators of bringing air pollution into your space. Whether it is an office or a home, windows are a source of joy, and you cannot imagine a life without them. It is the source of air, sunlight and of course, a great view. Hiring a window cleaning adelaide services from a reputed cleaning company would give your windows the desired clean.

Of course, hiring a professional window cleaners adelaide will bring the desired results. That being said, it is your duty to maintain your home or business with clean windows. However, if you are planning to give it a shot on your own, you must ensure that you do it like a professional window cleaning brisbane company. We have mentioned a few washing tips below. Read on to know more.

How To Wash Your Windows?

First, you need to ensure that everything is set in the right place before you start cleaning. Remember, your cleaning preparation relies completely on the weather. If it is raining or foggy, it is better to postpone the idea of cleaning.

  • Dust the windows with a brush, and ensure to keep a sheet under so that the dust particles will get settled on it.

  • Take a scrubber, a bucket of clean water, some microfiber towels, squeegee, and an effective window cleaning solution to support the cleaning.

  • First use the scrubber to remove the bird dirt, dust particles, fingerprints, and then place the squeegee on the window.

  • Make horizontal and vertical strokes to clean the areas, and remove the excess water.

  • Keep an unused cloth or sheet to catch the water drippings.

  • Once you have sorted the cleaning and removed all the water, use a microfiber towel to take the excess moisture from the windows, this allows the windows to dry faster, and also takes out any left debris or finger marks from it.

  • You need to repeat the process until you achieve the desired level of cleanliness.

However, when it comes to window cleaning, there will be unforeseen obstacles that will come your way. To avoid consequences and get your window a spotless look, hiring window cleaners brisbane from Sunshine Eco Cleaning Services will make the job easier. For appointments, call us on 1300 356 397 today.